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The World Heritage Sites of Campania present the fourth edition – and the first in Italy – of the Universal Forum of Cultures, created by the Fundación Forum Universal de les Cultures

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UNESCO Heritage Sites

in Campania, from Naples to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Caserta, Benevento, the Cilento with Paestum and Ascea and the Amalfi Coast with Ravello.

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  • Pompei


    Archaeological site of Pompeii

  • Ercolano


    Archaeological site of Herculaneum

  • Ascea, Velia

    Ascea, Velia

    Archaeological site of Velia Elia
  • Ravello


    Villa Rufolo

  • Capaccio - Paestum

    Capaccio - Paestum

    Archaeological site of Paestum

  • Caserta


    The Royal Palace

  • Benevento


    Historical Center

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